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24 Feb 2015
Domica-11-OE2.0-800se-sim2-2015-04-04-sam backup

whats new & installed:


-Arabicentertainment 6.0(r1) (teledunet working with set id0=(value numbers of ur own id0)
-TSonlineTVmode 3.0
-crossopg 0.8.1 (working ok 100% , just configure it & 33 XEPGDB providers updated
Debes estar registrado para ver las imágenes
-PluginSkinMover 0.6
-Enhanced Movies Center (EMC)
-WWECH 1.02
-Dflash (after pressing backup green button continue pressing ok till u get it started & wait till backup finish path > media/hdd/backup1)
-Flashexpaner 3.0
& much more

--main lib/python files for iptv/streaming installed--

--Livestreamer 11 & required lib files installed & working ok

Cams installed
-CCcam 2.3.0
-Mgcamd 1.38_srf patched
(Mgcamd config & softcam.keys included in usr/keys & set to work ok with newcamd client) ,SGR SWISS chs works ok!)

-tested on internal flash & working 100% , space left around 3.7MB , plez b4 going to download any plugin or install any cams or etc , u can use PluginSkinMover or falshexpander to extend ur internal flash memory, plez only mount a media/usb to extend ur internal flash memory

how to mount media/usb & use pluginskinmover::
insert fat32 formated flash usb pin stick , initialize it by system menu then check mounting point (u should already got a media with media/hdd mounted either internal hdd or usb) so new usb should be mounted as media/usb , now with pluginskinmover from plugin browser use to move ur plugins to ur media/usb

How to get your city weather:
Connector Weather - go here
find your city, area code in the address bar.
City code replace in string "weather city =" on file /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/Converters/YWeather.py
then remove file YWeather.pyo and restart STB

-How to install TSmedia:
mount a (media/usb) usb flash memory , by DCC go to ur folder usr/lib/enigma2/python/plugins/Extensions , create folder name=TSmedia , browse ur pluginskinmover by remote select TSmedia & should be then moved to media/usb/Extension , now ftp to /temp tsmedia.ipk & telnet command
--> opkg install /tmp/*.ipk , Tsmedia will be installed to ur media/usb/Extension/TSmedia , restart e2


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