4 Ago 2014
Perdido por España
Well a lot of Well a lot of time has passed by since anything was done on csp, i have had lots of requests on features to add into csp or make for csp, as alot of features seem to be inside "private" build csp's that are sold etc.

I have been working past 3 weeks on and off on this csp and have had it working great so now the time is to share it too all, i ask for NO funds, all i ask is you click the thanks button and reply to this thread of any issues or ideas.

Whats added.

Swap for 0963
Remote Cache Block (instructions in ALREADY generated proxy.xml
MySql Manager (i have never used it) Members here please report if working or not
Stripped Down to run more efficiently on smaller/LARGER servers

I have uploaded the complete csp, all you need to do is FTP to your DIR and "chmod 755 cardproxy.sh" then start CSP

Now, what i have done is protected the csp to stop other's using for there csp to "sell"

able2 does this for free

Future additions
Cccam to be added (hopefully)


Fixed swapped showing in status page #### bug swapp showing as NaN (fixed below)


beta 3 fixed swapped ecm showing as NaN
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